We have put together an outstanding group of dedicated and knowledgeable real estate professionals. We pride ourselves in our commitment to serving our client's needs with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Get to know us a little better below - we can't wait to help you make your next move! 

Karen Synder

Jason Leek

Master of Business Administration, Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Commerce

Karen loves real estate.  She bought her first house at the age of 24 and has personally bought, sold, renovated and staged a dozen of her own residences, as well as those of friends. As a skilled business professional, Karen’s past clients include small businesses, start-ups, not for profits and Universities. Karen has 30 years experience guiding executives, including running the U of C’s Campus Planning Office (Real Estate Office, Property Development, Office of the University Architect, Strategic Space Management). Karen is now using her outstanding business and real estate background to support clients when they purchase and sell their homes and residential investments; she is keen help you with your most important decision.


George Lensen

Managing Associate

Master of Business Administration

George is a dedicated, full-time licensed Real Estate Agent with Tink. As a retired RCMP Inspector, he has a demonstrated history of success in the biopharmaceutical, high-tech wireless, real estate and security industries. He is skilled in negotiations, presentations, management, team building, analysis, business consulting, business plan development and implementation, nonprofit organizations, mindfulness and life coaching. George values each and every client and you can trust you're in good hands with him.


James Heenan

Licensed Property Manager


  Maggie Keeper

Marketing Director            


Bachelor of Commerce
Maggie completed her education at the University of Calgary, but while there took some photography classes, discovering what would be a life-long passion in the process. That passion became a full time career once she joined the Tink team. You will be impressed with her visual marketing savvy, and she is always happy to work with you.


Thomas Keeper Tink Headshot.jpg

  Thomas Keeper Esq.

Thomas consistently performs as one of Calgary's top Licenced Realtors. Since starting his own brokerage, both his sales and exposure have increased dramatically. He is recognized as a leader in the industry not only by his peers, but most importantly, his clients.​