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One to One Lead Split is Tink's way of guaranteeing your business

At Tink, you don't split your commission unless the Brokerage gives you business first

One to One Lead Splits
Accepting a Lead from Tink is completely up to you!  Only after you start getting leads from the Brokerage are commissions split 50/50.   See how much buisness you get from us. If you don't receive any leads, then you have no monthly fees and you keep 100% of your earned commission.  If you find you are too busy for the leads we are giving you, then switch over to our low monthly fee model.  You can do whatever works best for you. At Tink, we want you to succeed.

What is a Lead?

A Lead is Not...

  • A sign call

  • An online inquiry for information

  • A buyer who wants to look at a property

  • A seller who wants a CMA

  • A buyer or seller picked up from a Tink open house

  • A referral of another Tink associate's client

Your Success is Our Success

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